Go to translate tab. Scroll down until you'll come to selection "professional translation" and  "machine translation". 

  1. Choose "professional translation"
  2. Choose languages you wish translate professionally
  3. If you don't want to translate everything, click "review" on the line of the language you wish to translate and click "ignore" to every word you wish not to translate
  4. Click "Cost estimate" to get the price and estimated delivery time
  5. Click "Confirm order" and pay your purchase

NOTE: Make sure your page is ready to be translated. All translations are for the existing words and sentences. If you change something later, you need to translate those strings (word / sentence) again. Bare also in mind that for example different formats (e.g. CAPITAL vs small) and links cut strings in pieces. "How was YOUR day?" is translated in three different pieces "How was", "YOUR" & "day". This can be very challenging for translators as they may not see the where those three different pieces come from and are they suppose to be together (as there can be several translators working with your translation). To make sure of good translations, use "How was your day?" which will be translated as a complete sentence.