When clicking "Translate" at the end of selected page and language you you end up to the translation tool. This easy tool helps you translate your website right on top of it. You may choose "Select All" or go on top of the text and click blue pencil. On the dialog, You can see original text on the left. Write your translation to the box on the right. You also have several other options:


  • Above the box on the left you can:
    • Copy the text to the box on the right
    • Ignore this word or sentence. This means no translation is needed. This is good for e.g. Brand name, email address...
    • Order professional translation for the text
  • Above the box on the right you can:
    • Write your own translation
    • Get machine translation
    • Clear text in the box

After finishing your actions, click "Save" on the bottom of the dialog. Click Localize Internet logo on the left hand corner to get back to your "Translate" tab. 

Click "Publish site" on the top right corner.